Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn

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Benny Hinn
  • A Citizen of Heaven

    Rev. Benny Hinn reminds Christians that they are not citizens of the world but citizens of heaven at the 49th Annual World Conference. Talking about the importance of being connected to God instead of the world, Rev. Hinn goes through the importance of surrendering one's life to God instead of ho...

  • Your Inner Man

    At the 2019 World Conference, Benny Hinn poses the question, "How much time do you spend on taking care of your inner man?" This inner spirit is in the image of God and should be groomed and developed, so when the time comes to stand in front of the King, we are not ashamed.

  • The Anointing that Abideth in You

    Reverend Benny Hinn, a noted televangelist known for his Miracle Crusades, preaches at the Morris Cerullo World Conference 2017 in Dallas Texas. In Rev. Hinn's message, he explores the mysteries of the anointing of God, and shares how the Holy Spirit comes upon the life of the believer to anoint ...