Christian Harfouche

Christian Harfouche

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Christian Harfouche
  • God Talks

    Dr. Christian Harfouche proclaims and affirms the power of God's words at the 49th Annual World Conference. Only by walking, living, and speaking the words of God, does the Christian fulfill the will of God. An encouraging word that reminds the church that it is not the works of man, but the work...

  • It Is Harvest Time

    Dr. Christian Harfouche declares the Lord will expedite your answer. The delay is over. The time of performance has come for your life. God will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh in a measure and in a way, unlike anything this generation has ever seen before!

  • The Kingdom of God Within Us

    Dr. Christian Harfouche declares that the keys of authority will unlock what God has deposited in us and the rivers of living water will begin to flow. The word of the Living God, coming out of the body of the church, will no longer be delayed. Let God unlock the doors of your spirit and allow Hi...

  • The Living Word

    Dr. Christian Harfouche shares a powerful message on the revelatory word as well as the living word of God at the 2016 Labor Day School of Ministry!

  • Run to the Lord

    You are not here by mistake; you are not here because of a coincidence, but you are here by divine appointment. God has delivered you here to learn that all of your faith, all of your heart in HIM is truth. Christian Harfouche, speaks to the partners at the 2016 World Conference as brothers and s...

  • Radical Christianity

    Dr. Christian Harfouche shares a powerful word about drawing upon the presence of God in your life. Although God's presence is everywhere, Dr. Harfouche shares that one can choose to ignore this reality or choose to step into the realm of the divine. Now is the time to draw close to God and allow...

  • The Spirit of the Lord

    Apostle Christian Harfouche of the Miracle Faith Apostolic Global Church preaches a powerful word on the Spirit of the Lord at the Morris Cerullo World Conference 2017 in Dallas, Texas. In his preaching, Mr. Harfouche reveals how the Holy spirit moved in the body of Christ and gave the church the...

  • Dr. Christian Harfouche Legacy Interview

    Dr. Christian Harfouche shares how Morris Cerullo’s Proof Producing ministry has impacted the world. He talks about this end-time Prophetic ministry and how we’re called to impart to people the knowledge that we have a miraculous savior. He explains how Morris Cerullo’s ministry will never die.