Dr. Morris Cerullo

Dr. Morris Cerullo

The late Dr. Morris Cerullo is recognized around the world for his dedication to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Emboldened by the power of the Holy Spirit, he repeatedly brought the salvation message to more than 130 nations throughout his nearly seven decades in the ministry.
Because of Morris Cerullo’s tireless efforts, millions have come to Christ. Many of these received a transfer of the anointing on Dr. Cerullo’s life, and this transfer paved the way for them to become leaders. Some of these leaders built or expanded their own Christ-centered ministries and, like a ripple effect, carried the torch to win souls in their respective spheres of operation and influence.
During Morris’s nearly seventy years in the ministry, his spirit was unwavering in devotion and obedience to the call of God upon his life. Commissioned by the Father to build Him an army, Morris made it his life’s goal and priority to build that army by traveling more than 250,000 miles every year to train believers of multiple ethnicities, languages, and nations to work the works of God.

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Dr. Morris Cerullo
  • Divine Presence of God

    In the 49th Annual World Conference, Dr. Morris Cerullo reveals the importance of the Divine Presence of God. Be reminded that the Christian is to be the temple of the Holy Spirit and enter into the new year walking in the presence of the Almighty God.

  • The Spiritual Gift of Discernment

    Join Morris Cerullo in Jerusalem, as he passes on a special gift to his partners. The only requirement to receive this gift is to believe what God is telling you. When you believe, it is very simple. Our God waits on the other end of the spectrum and says, “Do you believe me?” What can God trust...

  • The Spirit of Revelation Revealed in Jakarta

    Dr. Morris Cerullo delivers a powerful message on the gifts of discernment, healing and being used by God. Dr. Cerullo emphasizes that the same Holy Spirit that the Father put in the Son, He puts in you. "You are not what the devil would like you to believe. You are what God says you are."

  • The Anointing of the Prophets

    During the 2019 Labor Day School of Ministry, Dr. Cerullo imparts wisdom and speaks to the partners of their anointing as prophets of God. During the service, an explosion of healing miracles takes place as the Spirit of God fills the room. Experience the power of an open heaven!

  • Resurrection Power in Brazil

    A revival of unprecedented proportions is going to sweep over Brazil! A spiritual force is about to be released in Brazil and it will bring about the greatest manifestation of the power of the resurrection, that Brazil and the world has ever seen. Step into a dimension of the future of Brazil!

  • Unlocking the Blessings of God

    Dr. Cerullo tells the story of Nicodemus to his staff at MCWE Headquarters. He explains how, by the power of faith, you can obtain the key to unlocking all of God's blessings for your life.

  • Your Passover Breakthrough

    Dr. Cerullo delivers a fresh, anointed Passover message to his staff at his San Diego headquarters. Dr. Cerullo shared not only the eternal truths of the death and resurrection of Christ, but imparted amazing revelation and breakthrough.

  • God's Master Plan of the Ages

    At the Victory Outreach Church in San Diego, CA, Morris Cerullo gives insight into God's master plan. You can be restored! Everything that is taking place had a starting point. There is something happening in the spirit world that is going to culminate into something greater than the world has ev...

  • The Keys to the Kingdom Part 1

    From the 2019 World Conference, Morris Cerullo reveals how Jesus Christ has put into our hands the keys to the kingdoms of heaven and earth. We have the power to bind and loose. The kingdom of the earth does not belong to the devil. It is time for the people of God to rise up!

  • The Keys to the Kingdom Part 2

    We must obtain the spiritual eyesight to see that we are in an intense battle against principalities, powers and spiritual wickedness. Receive a double portion of the anointing that will give you power over the enemy!

  • The Miracle of Sacrifice

    Morris Cerullo spends time in Chapel with his staff to encourage them to embrace change, understand purpose, defeat confusion, and give sacrificially to the Legacy project. Moreover, he shares a most miraculous story of how sacrifice can birth untold blessings in ministry and personal life.

  • Victory over the Enemy

    From the Christ Embassy Church in Lagos, Nigeria, Dr. Morris Cerullo teaches us how to handle an attack by the enemy: turn away from the negative power of fear and call on the positive power of prayer. The battle is not yours, but it is God's!

  • The Voice of God in Israel

    Join Dr. Morris Cerullo for an Evening of the Miraculous from Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv, as Brother Cerullo brings the miracle of salvation to the people of Israel. The Holy Bible is God's voice and is the greatest power in all the world!

  • No Greater Miracle

    Morris Cerullo ministers to a maximum capacity crowd at the GBI ICC Rayon 11 Church in Pekanbaru, Indonesia. The greatest miracle God ever performed was giving birth to His son. The powerless devil is a liar and was defeated by Jesus. Break the chains that try to bind you and be set free!

  • Discover Your Destiny

    From the 2018 Labor Day School of Ministry in Chicago, Morris Cerullo challenges you to discover the difference between theory and reality. Look past the written word and step into a powerful experience through the Holy Spirit!

  • Final Crusade to Los Angeles 2018

    Dr. Morris Cerullo preaches at Angelus Temple at his Final Crusade to Los Angeles. Come and see as brother Cerullo imparts the word and anointing of God for the next generation. Learn how faith is God-given and that through our faith in God, the church will be able to step into her divine appoint...

  • The Power of Pentecost - Part 1

    Dr. Morris Cerullo delivers a powerful message from the Chicago Labor Day School of Ministry in 1995. The manifestation of the Holy Spirit will move from the point of blessing to an experience of power!

  • The Power of Pentecost - Part 2

    Dr. Morris Cerullo continues his powerful message from the Chicago Labor Day School of Ministry in 1995. Once again, we are on the verge of seeing God come to His people with an infusion of apostolic manifestations of signs and wonders.

  • Chapel Passover Message 2018

    Morris Cerullo holds a Passover service for his staff in the chapel at MCWE Headquarters in San Diego, CA.

  • The Church in India

    Morris Cerullo returns to India! In a historic visit to the nation, Morris Cerullo visits New Delhi to encourage fellow believers to take ahold of the same characteristics that the early church did. Preaching about the power of God and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, brother Cerullo shares th...

  • Jesus Is the Only Way to God

    Dr. Morris Cerullo starts the World Conference 2018 declaring the importance of Jesus in our lives. Exploring the implications of Christ's life, sacrifice, and unity with God the Father, learn how the name of Jesus will lead to your breakthrough!

  • The Blessing of Israel - Hangar 11

    In Morris Cerullo's latest trip to Israel, Dr. Morris Cerullo ministers to an auditorium full of Israelis on how God blessed Jacob and his family to become a nation that is born by God. Listen to Dr. Cerullo's message from Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv and be blessed with the knowledge that there is powe...

  • The Key to an Open Heaven

    Dr. Morris Cerullo reveals the key to an open heaven at the 2017 Worldwide School of Ministry from Chicago. In this message, learn the important truth of Christ's redemptive and transformative power to all who believe in His name that will enable you to step into your end-time destiny!

  • Mexico Miracle Rally - December 1st, 1983

    Among many physically afflicted people, three deaf children from one family are healed. Dr. Cerullo demonstrates that they and a man both blind and deaf has been healed. As he prays for the sick, the Lord frees people from crutches and wheel chairs.