Fernando Garay

Fernando Garay

Apostle Fernando Garay is the founder of Fernando Garay Ministries. Dr. Garay’s anointed ministry is international, as well as national, and he travels all over the world (36 nations) preaching, teaching and manifesting the works of God. In addition, he travels to the nations and ministers with his mentor, Dr. Morris Cerullo, founder of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism. (Dr. Cerullo is now home in Heaven) Miracles, signs and wonders follow Apostle Garay’s ministry through the word of knowledge, accurate prophecies and the ability to impart a financial anointing and the fire of God to others. He is a man of God, who loves the Lord above all, and walks in integrity before Him.

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Fernando Garay
  • Prophetic Word 2021

    Apóstol Dr. Fernando Garay receives a word from the Throne of God around Yom Kippur every year and he tries to release it then, as well as at the end of December and beginning of January. It wasn’t until NOW, that he was able to release this word. The Spirit of God started to show him that there...

  • Massive Outreach in Pakistan

    MCWE Associate Minister, Apostle Fernando Garay, goes to the nation of Pakistan to preach the Gospel! An incredible time of outreach, as miracles break out in Karachi and Lahore. With partners' support, God's Victorious Army continues to be raised up, as the God-given ministry of Dr. Morris Cerul...

  • A Net Breaking Anointing

    I release a prophetic RIGHT NOW word for this season. Jesus is giving me anointed messages that are changing lives, and these messages carry an anointing that is imparted into your life. I give you scripture after scripture to show you that you will receive a Net Breaking Anointing, just like the...

  • Prophetic Word for October 2020

    Fernando Garay believes that God will move mightily on behalf of the believers. It is a time of extraordinary blessing and impartation for the Body of Christ. Receive the anointing that God has for you at new levels!

  • What Is the Day of Atonement?

    Fernando Garay explains how the old testament feast was a shadow of things to come. During this day, the priest used to go into the temple of God and perform certain ministerial duties. All of his duties pointed to a future date and time, which is the atonement of all mankind through the perfect ...

  • Right Now

    Apostle Fernando Garay releases a prophetic word over the Legacy International Center during MCWE's Chapel service. He explains how God will outpour His blessings over the center and the entire staff. Fernando also recounts his dream of three angels and the impact they will have upon the Legacy C...

  • Prophetic Word for 2020

    2019 is almost over and the Church prepares for a new year. Apostle Fernando Garay teaches that the number 9 is significant in the Bible as it signals something that is finishing as something new is about to begin. Join Apostle Garay on this Spirit-filled, prophetic look into God’s plan for the B...

  • The Feasts of the Lord

    The Feasts of the Lord occur three times a year in the calendar of God. His calendar has never changed. These feasts are a time of great joy and celebration for God and His people. We celebrate the accomplishments of Jesus on the cross and the resurrection power, we celebrate when the Holy Spirit...

  • The Power of Winning Faith

    Apostle Fernando Garay continues to preach the importance of activating your faith. Faith is an action and Apostle Garay illustrates this through the retelling of biblical miracles. God’s faith never fluctuates. Find out what the main ingredient of faith is. Your faith will always be active and i...

  • Winning by Faith

    Apostle Fernando Garay delivers a powerful message on how to activate the principles of God to win in every area of your life. These biblical principles work today and every day!

  • Apostle Fernando Garay Legacy Interview

    Apostle Fernando Garay shares his experience of being born again, seeing Morris Cerullo for the first time on TV and how his message of financial breakthrough changed his life. He discusses how Morris Cerullo’s ministry will never die.