Gary Whetstone

Gary Whetstone

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Gary Whetstone
  • Manifestation of God

    Dr. Gary Whetstone reveals how it is important for God to manifest Himself in the lives of His people. A message from the 49th Annual World Conference, hear this message about how God's manifestation is what imparts life into the lives of the believers and bears witness to those who need to hear ...

  • This Is Your New Now

    Pastor Gary Whetstone delivers a powerful message at MCWE Headquarters. He teaches that you are in Christ Jesus and He is to you, what to do next. Jesus has a new tomorrow designed for you that you have never walked in. It is finished. This work is done. The enemy's power has been broken. The aut...

  • It Is Your Time to Act

    Dr. Gary Whetstone preaches on how important it is for you to take action in your destiny, because the faith of God that is in you, is a gift for a purpose. You must move beyond proclaiming your faith and prove it, with daily actions of devotion.

  • Obey the Voice of God

    Gary Whetstone inspires us to listen to the living voice of God and to be obedient. We have the awesome dominion and power to be the voice of God in the Earth, so that everything we speak is what God is manifesting on the Earth. You are called by God to break open gates, penetrate and liberate!

  • The Spoken Word Has Power

    Gary Whetstone, at the 2018 Labor Day School of Ministry, reveals the power of the spoken word. His dramatic teachings of meditation, revelation, motivation, action and fruit will inspire you to hear from God.

  • Live Now in the Presence of God

    Dr. Gary Whetstone preaches an inspiring message to the employees of MCWE. There is a demand on our life for the movement of God in the moment called Now. If we experience the Now of God, we will be sure that our next step is God’s purpose for us.

  • The Divine Door of Access

    Dr. Gary Whetstone explains how to access God’s purpose for your life. God has an expectation to manifest in your life, what He has designed. The blood of Jesus is designed by God to have an influence on your conscience. God is the definer of your destiny!

  • An Experience of Transformation

    Did you know, God blesses you to bless others? Gary Whetstone, founder of Victory Christian Fellowship in Delaware, preaches on the redemptive work of Christ. In this message at the Worldwide School of Ministry 2017, Pastor Whetstone reveals how the redemptive story of God's work empowers the chu...

  • Dr. Gary Whetstone Legacy Interview

    Dr. Gary Whetstone shares how in 1983 in the bush of Indonesia he heard about Morris Cerullo. After a few years, he met with Morris Cerullo and soon traveled the world with him to conduct meetings. He explains how Morris Cerullo’s powerful, anointed ministry will never die.