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  • Special Guest - Carole Lewis

    Morris Cerullo and his special guest, Carole Lewis, discuss weight loss through the power of PRAYER! They are joined by three First Place members, who have lost over 300 pounds.

  • Special Guests - Shelley Lubben and Richard Rogg

    Brother Cerullo's guest, Shelley Lubben, tells her story from the guilt and shame of a life on the seedy side to a full recovery. Former drug addict, Richard Rogg, is making a big difference with the Promises Foundation (Treatment Center to the Stars). Metropolitan Opera Star, Morris Robinson is ...

  • Special Guest - Tracy Melchior

    Morris welcomes Tracy Melchior, actress (many soap operas and Beverley Hills Cop III) and author of Breaking The Perfect 10... Squire Rushnell former ABC network executive, author of When GOD Winks series... Music provided by 10-year-old Natalie Leonard... and Bishop Clarence McClendon and “Fragr...

  • Special Guest - Tammy Trent

    On a Helpline dedicated to helping people through the grief of losing a loved one, Morris Cerullo's guest is Tammy Trent, author of Learning To Breathe Again, who lost her husband free-diving on 9/11. Also, Robert De Vries and Susan Zonnebelt-Smeenge, co-authors of Getting To The Other Side Of Gr...

  • Special Guests - Heather and Rachel Gemmen

    Heather Gemmen and her beautiful daughter, Rachel, tell the story Startling Beauty: My Journey from Rape to Restoration. Former racing cyclist, Clayton Peck, should have died in a terrible cycling accident, but now he can give thanks to the Lord. Gina Feliciano sings with the Helpline Orchestra.

  • Special Guest - Yvonne Pointer

    Morris Cerullo conducts a program on the death of a loved one. His guest is Yvonne Pointer, whose 14 year old daughter was murdered on her way to school. Also, David Cox & Candy Arrington, co-authors of After Shocks: Hope and Healing in the Wake of Suicide. His father committed suicide. Music is ...

  • Special Guests - Carol Kent and David Yaniv

    Brother Cerullo's special guest Carol Kent, whose son was found guilty of murder, is the founder of Also, David Yaniv, a Messianic Jew, was paralyzed for over seven years by a surgical mistake. Music is provided by singer/songwriter Joann Rosario.

  • Special Guests - Al Kasha and Russ Lee

    Brother Cerullo brings on Al Kasha, award-winning song writer, author of Jesus, Hollywood and Me who suffered from agoraphobia; and Russ Lee, a singer with ten #1 Hit Singles, who as a child was healed of stuttering.

  • Special Guest - Two-time Olympic Champion Mark Crear

    Mark Crear had a rough upbringing but he went on to win medals in the 1996 and 2000 Olympics. Dr. Jim Conway author of WHEN A MATE WANTS OUT serves up good advice on happiness in your marriage. Gospel artist Jessy Dixon performs.

  • Special Guest - Tom Kraly

    With 27 albums and CDs Crystal Lewis is a recognized Christian recording artist. Hear her sing and give her testimony. Tom Kraly was in ICU dying, doctors didn’t know what to do, but a call to Helpline and prayer for him led Tom to miraculously receive the touch of the Master’s Hand..

  • Special Guests - Rex and Jennifer Hudler, Billy Ingram

    Morris Cerullo sits down with two former athletes: Rex Hudler (NY Yankees) and Billy Ingram (University of Oregon basketball). Music is provided by singer, Jason Catron.

  • Special Guests - Renay Poirier and Roger Williams

    Renay Poirier lost his sight in an industrial accident. Ten years of total blindness were ended when he saw a miraculous light and regained his vision. Mr. Piano, Roger Williams displays his virtuosity.

  • Special Guests - Nicky Cruz and Steve Sjogren

    Nicky Cruz, former gang leader in New York City, subject of the movie, The Cross And The Switchblade, and author of Run, Baby, Run is one of Morris Cerullo's guests. And, Pastor Steve Sjogren who died during routine surgery, then heard the voice of God and was visited by an angel. He wrote the bo...

  • Special Guests - Nancy Stafford and Kevin Sharp

    Morris welcomes former Miss Louisiana, Nita Whitaker, to sing. Matlock TV actress and author of BEAUTY BY THE BOOK Nancy Stafford talks about overcoming adversity. Guest Kevin Sharp, a cancer-survivor and author of TRAGEDY THE GIFT sings two songs.

  • Special Guests - Karen Covell and Ken Wales

    Morris Cerullo welcomes Karen Covell, Founder of the Hollywood Prayer Network, an organization building bridges between the Church and Christians working in the entertainment industry… and Ken Wales, Executive Producer of the feature film, “Amazing Grace”, the story of composer John Newton. Speci...

  • Special Guests - Don Piper, Bill and Annette Wiese

    Special Guests - Rev. Don Piper author of "90 Minutes In Heaven" was declared dead after a horrendous car accident, but he was in heaven meeting family and friends who had died, and Bill & Annette Wiese author of "23 Minutes in Hell". Music provided by the Helpline Singers and Orchestra.

  • Special Guests - Craig McCabe and Jan Coates

    Morris Cerullo's guests are Craig McCabe who fell overboard and miraculously survived for six hours without a life-jacket; Jan Coates who describes how her life has turned around since being victimized by child abuse; and special musical guest, Bridgette Bentley.

  • Special Guests - Carol, David and Jacob Aspling

    Morris Cerullo hosts Carol, David and Jacob Aspling whose infectious smile hides his debilitating heart disease. The amazing Tyler Sexton shares how he has overcome Cerebral Palsy

  • Special Guests - John and Viorica Oros, Jim Stovall

    Morris' special guests, John & Viorica Oros, fled the hardships and fear of the Rumanian Revolution, and under the guns of Communist border guards, miraculously crossed to safety. Also, Olympic champion, Jim Stovall, author of "The Ultimate Gift". Songs are provided by Monty Seward.