John Francis

John Francis

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John Francis
  • We Speak to Storms and Hurricanes

    Bishop John Francis begins by commanding hurricane Dorian to alter it's course. He then tells the story of Bartimaeus being cured of his blindness, because of his faith in Christ. Bishop Francis teaches that through the power of your faith, you become the representation of what God is doing in th...

  • Change the Atmosphere

    Bishop John Francis, at the 2018 Labor Day School of Ministry, delivers a message from the book of Mark. Discover how to create the right atmosphere to receive your miracle. Don't ever go back to negative things again!

  • Fishers of Men

    Bishop John Francis of Ruach City Church from London, speaks about how Christ is raising up the church to become fishers of men and how believers ought to not be bound by their circumstances but to believe in the God of provision. Listen to the important lesson that you might prepare yourself for...