Jurgen Matthesius

Jurgen Matthesius

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Jurgen Matthesius
  • A Legacy of Faith

    From the book of Genesis, Pastor Jurgen Matthesius tells the story of the level of Abram’s faith, when God spoke to him. Do not focus on the circumstances around you, but look to the heavens and the almighty God. Trust in His word and exercise your faith! The greatest legacy you can leave your ch...

  • The Day the Son Stood Still

    Jurgen Matthesius shares a message from Mark 10:46-52, where the passion of Bartimaeus catches Jesus' attention. Every single breakthrough in your life is unlocked through the medium of passion!

  • Recovery for the Lost

    Jurgen Matthesius of San Diego church C3, preaches a word of restoration for the year 2018. Sharing a word from God about how He restores those who have given up and live a life of defeat. Learn how to surrender to the ministering power of the living God, willing to let go of the old to embrace t...

  • The Scarlet Cord

    Pastor Jurgen Matthesius, from the World Conference 2017, in Dallas, Texas, preaches from the book of Joshua, on how God transforms people through process of the tension, truth, test and triumph.