Kenneth Copeland

Kenneth Copeland

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Kenneth Copeland
  • Faith Is a Catalyst

    Kenneth Copeland brings a powerful message, at the 50th Annual Morris Cerullo World Conference. He teaches how Faith is a spiritual force, that is generated in a reborn human spirit and is the opposite force of fear. Faith always prepares for what it believes and expects to happen!
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  • The Almighty God

    Rev. Kenneth Copeland speaks at the 49th Annual World Conference about the might of God. A passionate and reinvigorating sermon about the power of God, be reminded of who God is in this new year and that what God says will come to pass!

  • Come Boldly to the Throne

    From the 2019 World Conference, Kenneth Copeland encourages us to step up to the table God has set for us, with all the power and authority of our blood brother Jesus Christ. We have been made the righteousness of God and are born of His spirit and word. He is a loving father and we are all part ...

  • God Is Love

    Kenneth Copeland preaches a powerful word at the Annual Morris Cerullo World Conference 2018 on how God is love. Learn how it is important to have our minds transformed by the power of God in order to have the right perspective and insight.

  • The Will and Word of God

    Kenneth Copeland of Kenneth Copeland Ministries makes a guest appearance at the Morris Cerullo World Conference 2017 in Dallas, Texas. Preaching a powerful word from the Gospel of John, Pastor Copeland expounds on being obedient to the will of God the Father and how that works out in day to day l...

  • The Power of Jesus

    Morris Cerullo's long-time friend, Kenneth Copeland, preaches at the Legacy Consecration Summit 2016 in San Diego, California. Pastor Copeland shares an important message of living in the greatness and power of Jesus, teaching the important truth that there is power in His name to redeem, restore...

  • God's Faith

    Faith is such a blessing to have, especially when anointed speakers such as the incredible Brother Copeland shakes the room with such power tenacity! Working in the spirit and speaking the word of God; we have to have the will power and the ability to grab this blessing by root not as just anothe...

  • Kenneth Copeland Legacy Interview

    Kenneth Copeland shares that back in 1967 how he and his wife obeyed God and went to work with Oral Roberts. He saw how a man used faith to make supernatural miracles happen. He saw that same thing in Morris Cerullo… a man who believes God. Morris Cerullo’s father, God, told him to do things a...