Legacy Interviews

Legacy Interviews

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Legacy Interviews
  • Kenneth Copeland Legacy Interview

    Kenneth Copeland shares that back in 1967 how he and his wife obeyed God and went to work with Oral Roberts. He saw how a man used faith to make supernatural miracles happen. He saw that same thing in Morris Cerullo… a man who believes God. Morris Cerullo’s father, God, told him to do things a...

  • Ayo Oritsejafor Legacy Interview

    Bishop Ayo Oritsejafor shares how Morris Cerullo’s Proof Producing ministry has impacted the world and how his life has been forever changed. He explains how the ministry of Morris Cerullo will never die. He reveals how being apart from Morris Cerullo’s anointing at times actually empowers him ...

  • Steve Munsey Legacy Interview

    Steve Munsey shares how he met Morris Cerullo and how his life has impacted him. He tells the story about Morris Cerullo’s kidnapping in Mexico during a crusade… and the experience of an angel that caused his release. How his ministry is like the Apostle Paul. Explains how God has a way to rai...

  • Dr. Christian Harfouche Legacy Interview

    Dr. Christian Harfouche shares how Morris Cerullo’s Proof Producing ministry has impacted the world. He talks about this end-time Prophetic ministry and how we’re called to impart to people the knowledge that we have a miraculous savior. He explains how Morris Cerullo’s ministry will never die.

  • Raymond Mooi Legacy Interview

    Raymond Mooi shares how a divine appointment led him to Morris Cerullo’s School of Ministry. It’s there he learned how Signs, Wonders, and Miracles demonstrate the power of God. How God equipped him for ministry. How being around Morris Cerullo ministry helped him to catch the impartation of m...

  • Marco Peixoto Legacy Interview

    Marco Peixoto shares how Morris Cerullo came to Brazil and prophesied over the nation. 25 years ago, Morris Cerullo gave him a prophetic word - that “you would be known and your ministry would grow… God would use you.” It has taken place.

  • Marc Masson Legacy Interview

    Pastor Marc Masson shares how Dr. Cerullo is truly his father… a unique gift. It was when, over 20 years ago, he encountered Morris Cerullo at a Spiritual Warfare ministry conference in Chicago that his life changed. How Morris Cerullo’s Proof Producer message was transformational. How his tra...

  • Apostle Fernando Garay Legacy Interview

    Apostle Fernando Garay shares his experience of being born again, seeing Morris Cerullo for the first time on TV and how his message of financial breakthrough changed his life. He discusses how Morris Cerullo’s ministry will never die.

  • Bishop Mike EfeZino Legacy Interview

    Bishop Mike EfeZino shares how in 1974 he got a letter inviting him to a Morris Cerullo conference. He learned of supernatural change and increase. He shares about the time he hosted Morris Cerullo at his church in Canada and it was most miraculous. He considers Morris Cerullo a father, mentor...

  • Dr. Wayne Haywood Legacy Interview

    Dr. Wayne Haywood shares how as a young boy in Trinidad he met Morris Cerullo. He saw him preach and wanted the same anointing. He received the anointing and then went on to serve and work with Morris Cerullo on the Global Satellite Network. He shares how he is Morris Cerullo’s Elisha and has ...

  • Dr. Gary Whetstone Legacy Interview

    Dr. Gary Whetstone shares how in 1983 in the bush of Indonesia he heard about Morris Cerullo. After a few years, he met with Morris Cerullo and soon traveled the world with him to conduct meetings. He explains how Morris Cerullo’s powerful, anointed ministry will never die.

  • Apostle Josephat Legacy Interview

    Apostle Josephat shares the life-changing testimony of how meeting Dr. Morris Cerullo changed his life.

  • Bishop Ken Ulmer Legacy Interview

    Bishop Ken Ulmer shares how God uses him to speak His word. He discovered Morris Cerullo’s Global ministry from television and was inspired by him.

  • Dr. Mike Murdock Legacy Interview

    Dr. Mike Murdock shares how Morris Cerullo’s passion for God and ministry is unmatched and unceasing. He explains the importance of Morris Cerullo’s ministry and the Legacy Center.

  • Cece Winans Legacy Interview

    Grammy Award winning singer, CeCe Winans shares how Morris Cerullo has impacted her life. She shares her experience of singing for Morris Cerullo for the first time. She says how Morris Cerullo is a most amazing man of God. She loves singing and supporting Morris Cerullo’s ministry. She talks...

  • Dr. John Avanzini Legacy Interview

    Dr. John Avanzini shares how his life and ministry was transformed when Morris Cerullo entered his life. Explains how he discovered that the Baptism in the Holy Spirit was real. How his ministry exploded with growth and began writing books… over 52 best-sellers. He believes Morris Cerullo’s min...

  • Noel Robinson Legacy Interview

    Musician, Noel Robinson, shares the good news about his recording deal with Integrity music that was prophesied by Morris Cerullo three months earlier. He explains how he attended a Morris Cerullo meeting in London when he was 14 years old and was impressed by the praise and worship music. He we...

  • Cindy Jacobs Legacy Interview

    Cindy Jacobs shares how when she was preaching in Guatemala, she witnessed Morris Cerullo speaking and saw faith explode and understood that he will help change the world. She believes that his ministry will never die because of the message he speaks and the miracles seen around the world. She ...

  • Kevin Wade Legacy Interview

    Kevin Wade shares his experience with Morris Cerullo. How he came to be his keyboardist and organist for Crusades and meetings. He tells how Morris Cerullo spoke into his life… that he was gifted, talented, and highly anointed and that God had placed the mantel on his shoulders to preach along ...

  • Sergio De La Mora Legacy Interview

    Sergio De La Mora shares how he met Morris Cerullo in San Diego. He describes Morris Cerullo’s ministry and his love for Nationals. How he will go into areas others will not. His love for the miraculous. How Morris Cerullo desires more people to demonstrate the miracle working power of God an...

  • Earl Harrigan Legacy Interview

    Earl Harrigan shares how he first met Morris Cerullo in 1994 and has been singing with him for over 20 years and how his Proof Producing ministry has impacted his life and the lives of millions of people.

  • John Sorrentino Legacy Interview

    John Sorrentino shares that back in 1980 at a Statin Island, NY Crusade with Morris Cerullo, he witnessed healing miracles. He then learned about the San Diego School of Ministry. He prayed and made the decision to go. Out of 700 students he was chosen to be over all students and speak at grad...

  • LaDonna Taylor Legacy Interview

    Violinist LaDonna Taylor shares how she met Morris Cerullo when she was 9 years old when her parents hosted him for dinner after a powerful meeting. She was inspired to play and travel the world to change hearts ever since that remarkable meeting.