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  • Are You Ready To Live Debt Free?

    To purchase the Financial Freedom Bible, go to: FinancialFreedomBible.tv or call 866-756-4200.

    The Financial Freedom Bible is unlike any other bible. It has some of the most innovative and creative study features ever found, page by page, to help you receive the knowledge you need to overcome an...

  • Kathryn Kuhlman

    Morris Cerullo presents the remarkable life of Kathryn Kuhlman. You will witness scenes from her powerful healing ministry. Then, be among the first to receive her never-before-offered, authorized biography, Miracle's Voice! www.247victory.com

  • Revelation Faith - The Real Faith

    Dr. Cerullo asks why we're not seeing manifestations of healing power in our day. He teaches about raising our level of faith to the faith that God gives.

  • Victory In Indonesia Part 2

    Gods Victorious Army" is on the March in Indonesia. We visit and hear miraculous testimony in Bali, Jakarta, and Pekanbaru. Christianity has taken a foothold in Indonesia since Morris Cerullo broke through and it is ever increasing. The fruit is multiplying! On this show we will introduce you to...

  • Victory in Indonesia - Part 1

    God's Victorious Army is on the march in Jakarta Indonesia! We're going to take you to GBK Stadium where back in 1979 Morris Cerullo held a crusade. 3 nights, over 300,000 people packed the stadium. Watch testimonials from people who were there! Hear from Tony Mulia, who hosted Morris Cerullo for...

  • Victory In Latin America

    God’s Victorious Army makes a move in Latin America! Hear from Pastor Hernan Castano and how his life was transformed as a little boy in a Morris Cerullo crusade and soon became an inspired interpreter for Morris Cerullo in the Spanish speaking nations of the world. Learn how a cancer that riddle...

  • Victory in Puerto Rico

    God's Victorious Army is on the march in Puerto Rico. Hear from pastor Sydney Stair and how his dream to interpret for Morris Cerullo in the Spanish speaking nations of the world came to pass and changed his life forever.

  • Victory In Pakistan

    God’s Victorious Army takes Morris Cerullo’s proof producing message to Pakistan. Associate Minister, Fernando Garay presents miraculous manifestations of God’s healing power to thousands of Muslims in Karachi and Lahore when they attended the meetings. See blind eyes open and a crippled man wa...

  • Victory In Malaysia

    God’s Victorious Army makes a move in Malaysia! Hear from Pastor Raymond Mooi, a 1979 graduate of the first-ever Morris Cerullo School of Ministry at the El Cortez hotel in San Diego. Hear from Pastor Mooi how the news of an incredible healing miracle at his meeting in the most-poor region of Mal...

  • Victory In Ecuador

    God’s Victorious Army is on the move in Ecuador, Quito, and Guayaquil. Morris Cerullo’s VP of International Ministries, Marc Masson presents powerful field reports from Legacy Breakthrough Summits attended by more than 1000 people. Hear of the explosive healing miracles; a woman with cancer ris...

  • Victory in Tanzania

    God’s Victorious Army is taking the country of Tanzania! Morris Cerullo’s SVP of International Ministries, Don Mandell details how cities in Tanzania are experiencing tremendous breakthroughs. See how Pastors raised up under Morris Cerullo have received the proof producing power of the Holy Spi...

  • Victory In Uganda and Burundi

    God’s Victorious Army is on the move in Uganda and Burundi! Morris Cerullo World Evangelism’s VP of Ministries, Marc Masson brings a tremendous report from the field and describes how over the course of his Legacy Breakthrough Summits over 2000 people witnessed the proof-producing power of God. ...

  • Victory In Ethiopia

    God’s Victorious Army is making an impact in Ethiopia. Hear an encouraging report from the field as presented by Morris Cerullo’s, SVP of International Ministries, Don Mandell. Hear how God is healing persons from all walks of life with powerful testimonies, preaching, and crowd evangelism to n...

  • Victory In Madagascar

    Our Victory Today program is entering a new season! It's called Victory Today in the Nations of the World. In this episode we interview our VP of International Ministries Marc Masson as he recounts his crusade into Madagascar. Miracles of healing and salvation take place. To join and become a GVA...

  • The Seven Blessings of Pentecost

    Dr. Morris Cerullo describes the seven distinct promises that God gave to those who commemorated and who celebrated the feast of Pentecost.

  • Victory Today - A Special Mother's Day Message

    Victory Today - A special Mother's Day message from Theresa Cerullo.

  • National Day of Prayer

    Join us for an hour of prayer from the Legacy International Center!

  • Revelation Faith - Supernatural Faith

    Dr. Cerullo speaks about the gifts of faith, discernment and spiritual eyesight. Raise the level of your faith beyond doubts and fears, by entering a faith dimension and destiny you have never known before!

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  • HaShem Daily Devotional

    12 seasons

    Get your copy here: https://mcwe.com/hashem
    HaShem is a 365-day devotional with Daily Revelation and life-changing truths on the NAMES of GOD. This powerful daily devotional will literally revolutionize your life as you take hold of it, and walk through this year, with DAILY REVELATION of WHO GOD...

  • Morris Cerullo - A Life Well Spent

    David Cerullo, son of Morris and Theresa and CEO of The Inspiration Networks, surprises Papa with a tribute documentary, chronicling over seven decades of his father's ministry. It includes exclusive interviews with Nationals from across the globe, who were directly influenced and inspired by thi...

  • Garden Tomb Communion Service

    Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ with David Cerullo, President of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism, as he conducts a very special communion service from the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem.

  • Legacy Interviews

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