Legacy Originals

  • A Conversation with Morris Cerullo

    On a special episode of Your LoveWorld, Pastor Benny Hinn sits down with Dr. Morris Cerullo to discuss his life and his commitment to God, manifested through signs, miracles and wonders for over seven decades.

  • Morris and Theresa - 68th Wedding Anniversary

    Morris and Theresa Cerullo celebrate 68 years of marriage.

  • The Power of Prayer and Fasting

    Please join Morris and Theresa Cerullo, as they believe with you that God answers prayer. In these days of crisis, challenges, and coronavirus...God is with us. He paid the price! He promised breakthrough!

  • Passover Webcast 2020

    Enter into the 7 Blessings of Passover! Come and join us during this Passover Webcast 2020 and receive the blessings that God has for you. Morris and Theresa Cerullo share the 7 Blessings of Passover for your life, your family, and your ministry!

  • Mentorship Moments - The Power of Prayer

    Dr. Cerullo shares his testimony of healing to his grandson, Michael Cerullo. From not being able to even stand on his two feet to being able to walk, run and continue the work of God in the nations of the world!

  • Meet Your Board of Directors

    Morris Cerullo introduces his Board of Directors in an historic chapel service at MCWE Headquarters in San Diego. Meet Tommy Barnett, Daniel Ponce, Michael EfeZino, Wayne Haywood, Marc Masson & Lynn Hodge. Also, a special word from guest speaker Evangelist J. John “Put Your Coat On.”

  • Mentorship Moments - Hope in Christ

    Dr. Cerullo speaks on the issue of hopelessness that people face, declaring that God is there in the midst of despair if we but only turn to Him in this hour.

  • National Day of Prayer

    Come join the MCWE staff in their chapel service, as they pray for the healing of partners, the nation and the world.

  • The Legends of Lightfall

    Morris Cerullo has teamed up with talented artists to create an original comic book. Through a futuristic, underground world, they are able to tell Bible stories, in order to reach the youth and bring a whole new generation to Jesus Christ. Join characters Kort, Sofia and Abda as they make an app...

  • Oral Roberts – World Conference 1987

    From 1941 to 1947, Oral was a pastor at a small church. He then began conducting healing crusades throughout the U.S. in his giant tent cathedral. These crusades continued until 1967. Oral Roberts University (ORU) was chartered in 1963 and received its first class of 300 students in 1965. He went...

  • Marilyn Hickey – World Conference 2000

    At the age of 42, Marilyn responded to God’s call on her life to "cover the earth with His Word" (Isaiah 11:9). The Lord has continually opened doors of opportunity for her in nearly 130 countries. She crosses unfriendly borders with Bibles, teaching materials, and books translated into native la...

  • John Maxwell – World Conference 2003

  • Consecration Service for the Legacy Center

    The Legacy Center has been approved and is under construction! Check out the consecration service for the Legacy Center back in May 2016, when dignitaries and MCWE partners gathered on the 18-acre site in San Diego for a service to consecrate the holy grounds of the future LEGACY CENTER.

  • The Morris Cerullo Legacy Center

    Take a quick tour of the future Morris Cerullo Legacy Center being constructed in San Diego! Featuring wonderful amenities, the facility will continue to be a blessing to the nations of the world for generations to come.

  • Harfouche Family Legacy Gifts

    Dr. Christian Harfouche and his family present gifts to Morris and Theresa Cerullo for the Legacy Center. Included is a set of the Macklin Bibles, which are the largest English Bibles ever printed, and an ancient Hebrew Torah, over 300 years old.

  • A Legacy Gift - The Last Supper

    A wood carving of The Last Supper is presented to Dr. Morris Cerullo, by Mohie Shweiki from Israel, who will have his own store at The Legacy Center.

  • A Legacy Gift - 17th Century Polyglot Bible

    Dr. Christian Harfouche presents Dr. Morris Cerullo with a 1657 Walton Polyglot Bible set. This amazing treasure is a donation to the Legacy Center and will be on display.

  • A Legacy Gift - 350 year old Torah

    Doctors Christian and Robin Harfouche, present a 350 year-old Torah to Dr. Morris and Theresa Cerullo. This precious gift to the Legacy Center will be on display in the Jewish Outreach Center.

  • Legacy Anniversary Celebration 2016

    Come and watch this momentous occasion as we celebrate the 85th birthday of Morris Cerullo, his 70th anniversary of ministry and the 65th wedding anniversary with his amazing wife, Theresa Cerullo!

  • Billion Soul Crusade Music Video

    God's Victorious Army standing strong! This catchy jingle from 1995 was set to footage of Brother Cerullo traveling the globe and saving souls in the name of Jesus Christ. Morris was spreading His word, training nationals and healing the sick, with hopes of reaching one billion people by the year...