Marcus Lamb

Marcus Lamb

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Marcus Lamb
  • Don't Bury Your Dream

    Marcus Lamb, founder and president of Daystar Television Network, delivers an encouraging message from the 50th Annual Morris Cerullo World Conference in San Diego, CA. God can birth an invisible picture of something in your heart and mind, that He wants you to do or be. Don’t let Satan blur that...

  • Three Things to Never Forget

    Evangelist Marcus Lamb, founder of the Daystar Network, shares 3 important keys in order to walk in the anointing of God. Having a difficult time in your spiritual journey? Listen to this powerful sermon from Evangelist Lamb at the 49th Annual World Conference and be encouraged that God will neve...

  • The Breakthrough Anointing

    Daystar’s Marcus Lamb speaks about a sudden burst of the revelation knowledge of God, that will propel you through every line of Satan's defense. This anointing is the enabling, strengthening, transforming and overcoming power of God. Take back what the devil has stolen and let God use you!