Mike EfeZino

Mike EfeZino

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Mike EfeZino
  • Esther - The Orphan God Chose

    Apostle Mike EfeZino ministers from the book of Esther. God sees a way ahead and arranges deliverance!

  • Finishing Before Starting

    Apostle Mike EfeZino reveals that God wants us to see it finished in heaven first, then do it here.

  • What Makes Prayer Effective?

    Apostle Mike EfeZino answers the questions, why do we pray and what makes prayer effective?

  • Seek God, Cease Worry

    Apostle Mike EfeZino delivers a powerful message, about the wasted energy spent on worrying. Seek God and be at peace!

  • The Word of God

    Mike EfeZino shares a message with the MCWE staff in a chapel service in San Diego, CA. God's word will overcome every circumstance that you will ever face in your life. Every time the word of God is present, the miracle you are looking for is present. The word of God is everlasting!

  • Partnering with God - Part 1

    Are there consequences to not pursuing God's heartbeat?

  • Partnering with God - Part 2

    We are representatives of God on the earth.

  • What Is in Your Hand?

    God wants to do something with what you already have.

  • How to Manifest Change

    Apostle Mike EfeZino explains that before rain falls again, Elijah shows us details that must be worked out, so that change will come to the nation.

  • Acceleration

    Morris Cerullo's son in the gospel Bishop Mike Zino delivers a message on the theme, Acceleration, at the International Christian Assembly, Lilongwe, Malawi.

  • Bishop Mike EfeZino Legacy Interview

    Bishop Mike EfeZino shares how in 1974 he got a letter inviting him to a Morris Cerullo conference. He learned of supernatural change and increase. He shares about the time he hosted Morris Cerullo at his church in Canada and it was most miraculous. He considers Morris Cerullo a father, mentor...