Miles McPherson

Miles McPherson

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Miles McPherson
  • The Third Option

    Pastor Miles McPherson, from the Rock Church in San Diego, challenges the audience, at the 50th Annual Morris Cerullo World Conference, to change the way they label other people. Rather than classify everyone with an “us vs. them” mentality, he encourages us to focus on what we all have in common...

  • Heaven's Courtroom

    Pastor Miles McPherson visits the Legacy International Center and imparts a message that calls for courage in the heart of the Christian in the face of the accuser. He discusses the courtroom of Heaven and how personal sin, if not confronted, can turn into hidden contracts with the devil.

  • Getting Dialed In

    Pastor Miles McPherson of the Rock Church, San Diego, shares an important truth about listening to God. Speaking on importance of tuning into the Spirit, Pastor McPherson gives a few principles on what this does for us and how it allows for the church to rise up and be an impact in the community.

  • Commandment to Love

    In his message on becoming a church that loves, Miles McPherson of the Rock Church in San Diego, lays out factors that hinder believers from doing so. Sharing his own personal stories of growing in a racist environment, Pastor McPherson provides scriptural insight into dealing with group mentalit...