• 247Victory News - April 21st 2020

    Join Morris & Theresa Cerullo in prayer and fasting this May st to May 2st. Check out the details in this latest news report!

  • 247Victory News - April 3rd 2020

    As Passover 2020 approaches, we continue to work remotely in preparation for this occasion. Check out this latest 247Victory News report for all the latest updates and content that is available via web and television!

  • 247Victory News - Mar 25th 2020

    The Legacy International Center is quiet currently as the ministry complies with the “Stay At Home” order in California. But, a small group of “essential staff” are working to communicate to partners and friends. Also, Associate Pastor, Marc Masson is in quarantine overseas after conducting mul...

  • Live Look at the Fountains Kitchen

    Join Jim Penner and Chef Brian, as they cook up a delicious dish in the kitchen of our new restaurant, Fountains! Join us March 31st - April 5th for a very special Legacy Dedication, to celebrate the opening of your long-awaited Legacy Center.

  • 247Victory News - Feb 26th 2020

    The Legacy Resort Hotel and Spa IS OPEN! Book your reservations now at Check out this latest 247VictoryNews report and see the incredible architecture and detail that went into making The Legacy Resort.

  • Live Look at Legacy of Nations and The Legends of Lightfall

    Join Jim Penner, Legacy Center Foundation Executive Director, as he gives a live report from San Diego, to the partners at the World Conference in San Antonio. Check out a statue of crutches and Steamhaven! Join us March 31st - April 5th for a very special Legacy Dedication to celebrate the open...

  • Jim Penner on Good Morning San Diego

    Executive Director, Legacy International Center Jim Penner appears on KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego show. During his interview, Penner discusses the state-of-the-art features of the Legacy Center. The Legacy International Center features a hotel resort and spa, in addition to a 500-seat performin...

  • The Legacy Globe Construction

    The Legacy Globe nears completion! Check out this time lapse of the Globe's construction by TekWorks here at the Morris Cerullo Legacy International Center!

  • Live Update from the 4D Theater

    Join us in taking a look back at this exclusive live interview with Legacy Center Foundation Executive Director, Jim Penner, from the World Conference. Watch as he shows us the exciting developments happening at your Legacy Center and the long-awaited Wings Over Israel attraction. Be one of the f...

  • 247Victory News - Feb 4th 2020

    Check out the latest installation of Kurt Wenner's paintings in the catacombs! Have a quick behind the scenes look at the process and method of putting up these beautiful pieces of art.

  • Live Update of the Legacy Globe and Galleries

    Watch as 247victory takes you back to the World Conference, where Legacy Center Foundation Executive Director, Jim Penner, gave us an exclusive update on the interactive globe and the video galleries. Join us March 31st - April 5th for a very special Legacy Dedication to celebrate the opening of ...

  • Live Recap of Christmas City USA

    Watch as 247victory takes you back to the World Conference and gives you a full recap of the Christmas City USA festivities! Join Executive Director of the Legacy Center, Jim Penner, as he discusses events to look forward to, and the long-awaited Legacy Dedication on March 31st.

  • 247Victory News - January 8th 2020

    We look back at the long list of anointed speakers, musicians, and partners that participated in Morris & Theresa Cerullo’s 49th Annual World Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

  • 247Victory News - December 18th 2019

    Christmas City USA arrives in San Diego at the Morris Cerullo Legacy International Center! Featuring the amazing show fountain and 52 foot Christmas tree, the event was filled with fun, holiday music, and cheer. Check out this 247Victory News update to see all the details!

  • Legacy Prepares To Open

    The Morris Cerullo Legacy International Center is preparing to open. Check out some of the preparations and behind the scenes look of what went into the Legacy Center.

  • 247Victory News - Dec 6th 2019

    Get ready for Christmas City USA! Join Morris and Theresa Cerullo at the Legacy International Center, as they experience the tech rehearsal for the synchronization of the 52-foot Christmas tree and show fountain, set to music.

  • 247Victory News - Nov 18th 2019

    The Morris Cerullo Legacy International Center nears completion! As the MCWE family gets ready to move to the new location, Dr. Cerullo continues his ministry outreach as he travels to the nation of Israel. Over 60 years of ministry to the Jewish nation, Dr. Cerullo will be holding two incredible...

  • 247Victory News - Oct 29th 2019

    The Legacy Fountains are being tested! Check out this latest update with Jim Penner, Executive Director of the Morris Cerullo Legacy International Center.

  • 247Victory News - Oct 24th 2019

    The Morris Cerullo Legacy International Center has begun hiring! Conducting a job fair in Mission Valley, more than a hundred jobs are looking to be filled in the coming months as the Legacy International Center is nearing completion. Check out this latest news update from the Legacy Job Fair!

  • 247Victory News - Oct 19th 2019

    Dr. Morris Cerullo leads some of the most influential pastors in San Diego on a tour of the nearly completed Legacy International Center. Pastors Miles McPherson, Sergio De La Mora, Terry Brooks and Al Valdez, alongside Bishops George McKinney and William Benson, walked the grounds of Legacy, gav...

  • 247Victory News - Oct 18th 2019

    Marc Masson, Associate Minister and Vice President of International Ministries for World Evangelism, conducts meetings and Schools of Ministry, throughout the Indian Ocean and East Africa. More than 4,000 hungry Christians received Dr. Cerullo’s teachings, from such core revelations as Proof Prod...

  • 247Victory News - Oct 7th 2019

    Dr. Morris Cerullo visits the nation of Indonesia! Despite the recent protests in Jakarta and Papua, Dr. Cerullo continues his ministry outreach to Indonesians, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nation with the largest number of muslims.

  • 247Victory News - Sept 20th 2019

    Morris Cerullo returns from Cuba, having conducted anointed meetings to hundreds of people longing for a Prophetic Word from God. He now prepares to depart for Indonesia, to conduct Schools of Ministry in Jakarta. Plus, get the latest update on the construction of the Legacy Center.

  • 247Victory News - Sept 6th 2019

    As Hurricane Dorian pounded the Bahamas, there was a breakthrough explosion at the Worldwide School of Ministry in Orlando, FL. Listen to part of the anointed message from God’s servant, Morris Cerullo! Watch as Steve Munsey prays against the storm! Enjoy beautiful melodies from Judy Jacobs and J...