Legacy Nations

Legacy Nations

For over 70 years, Dr. Morris Cerullo travelled the globe, spreading the Word of God and building Him an army. Now sit down with Papa and Mama Theresa, as they recount some of their favorite experiences over the decades.

Legacy Nations
  • Africa

    From his first crusade to Uganda in 1964, Morris Cerullo has been pioneering a ministry of spiritual breakthroughs in the Dark Continent of Africa. The seeds he has planted on this continent will grow and bear fruit for generations. Africa will never be the same!

  • Brazil

    Morris Cerullo recalls his first meeting in Brazil: Porto Alegre in 1962. God spoke to him and said, "Son, build me an army!" These marching orders totally revolutionized his life and ministry. For decades, Morris trained Nationals to reach their own country for God. It all began in Brazil!

  • Eurasia

    Morris and Theresa share their excitement about the ministry's work in Russia, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. The groundbreaking MCWE Schools of Ministry and Crusades in Moscow were the first Christian mass meetings after the fall of Communism.

  • India

    Morris Cerullo's first crusade to this nation was in 1970. Prior to this, no Christian organization was able to successfully conduct any public meetings. Despite his reservations, Morris answered God's call and over 100,000 people showed up to praise and worship the Son of the Living God.

  • Indonesia

    Morris Cerullo pioneered Christian evangelism in Indonesia, which has the largest Muslim population on earth. The people that attended his crusades have been changed forever, through Morris Cerullo World Evangelism and it's partners.

  • Israel

    Morris Cerullo has always had the salvation of Israel near to his heart. His Jewish World Outreach began in 1967 and has touched millions of Jews in Israel. Morris and Theresa eagerly give you the story of what God has done through this ministry in the Holy Land.

  • Mexico

    Morris and Theresa Cerullo’s incredible breakthrough ministry in Mexico began in 1966. Over 15,000 people attended the first crusade in Tijuana…in a bull ring!

  • South America

    Morris and Theresa tell the exciting stories of Morris' ministry to South America as a boy in his 20s. His early miracle ministry saw crowds of 200 grow to over 30,000 during his week-long meetings.

  • The Far East

    Morris and Theresa share ministry experiences in the Asian continent, including his second overseas event ever.

  • The Philippines

    Morris and Theresa relate the stories of their missions to the Philippines, dating back to the 1959 crusade (his third crusade ever). They are joined by David and Barbara Cerullo, who describe the 1975 crusade they attended shortly after their marriage.