Virtual School of Ministry 2020

Virtual School of Ministry 2020

From the Legacy International Center in San Diego, CA, comes a celebration of unity, as we pay tribute to God’s servant, Dr. Morris Cerullo. Join Theresa Cerullo, as she shares personal and heartfelt words, leading this ministry into the future. Experience the timeless revelation as we present Morris’ classic core teaching, Declaring War on the Devil’s War! Receive anointed messages from Tommy Barnett, Steve Munsey, Ayo Oritsejafor, Don Mandell, Marc Masson and Greg Mauro. Musical artists include Emill Bridges, Noel Robinson, Leon Timbo & Mark Payne.

Virtual School of Ministry 2020
  • VSOM - Friday Evening

    The opening night of the 2020 VSOM, includes a greeting and blessings from Mama Theresa. Pastor Tommy Barnett honors Morris Cerullo, as a man of vision and dreams, reminding us to make every day count. Also, praise and worship from the Rock Church Worship team.

  • VSOM - Saturday Morning

    The praise and worship team, from Shadow Mountain Church, kicks off this session with beautiful melodies. Steve Munsey reaffirms that God has given every person the gift of faith and discusses the key to the power of greatness.

  • VSOM - Saturday Afternoon

    This session includes the first installment of Dr. Morris Cerullo’s core teaching, Declaring War on the Devil’s War. Don Mandell encourages us to elevate our spiritual warfare, so that declaring war on the devil’s war can be a total victory. Emill Bridges leads us in praise and worship.

  • VSOM - Sunday Morning

    Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor teaches how your faith is an active expression of what you believe. He discusses important possibility principals and how to use them to battle unbelief. Hear testimony from Reverend Raymond Mooi, on how the teachings of Dr. Morris Cerullo changed his life.

  • VSOM - Sunday Afternoon

    We continue Morris’ classic core teaching, Declaring War on the Devil’s War. Noel Robinson gives a heartfelt tribute to Dr. Morris Cerullo, through words and song. Marc Masson warns us that the prince of lies, deception and delusion, has been released on earth. As Christians, we need to be a peop...

  • VSOM - Sunday Evening

    We conclude Morris’ classic core teaching, Declaring War on the Devil’s War. Leon Timbo leads praise and worship on acoustic guitar. Reverend Greg Mauro delivers an impartation message, releasing the ten greatest mantles, from the life and ministry of Dr. Morris Cerullo.

  • VSOM - Monday Morning Anointing Service

    Don Mandell, Marc Masson and Greg Mauro lead this anointing service with prayers and blessings. Watch Dr. Morris Cerullo’s classic illustration of being baptized in the Holy Spirit. Listen to Mark Payne’s keyboard melody of “How Great Is Our God.” Be anointed in the power of the Holy Spirit!