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Raymond Mooi

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Raymond Mooi
  • The Lord’s Table

    The New Covenant is a gift from God! As Raymond Mooi explains, we come to the Lord’s table fully dependent on the finished work of Jesus on the cross. It is by the mercy of God we are not struck down and by His grace that we are accepted. Come to the Lord’s table with a sober mind and a serious h...

  • The Praying Church – Part 1

    God doesn’t suggest prayer, He demands it! Raymond Mooi reminds the church of the importance of prayer, because we need the power of God in everything that we do. If you are a believer that God answers prayer, you will be able to walk through every situation, living like God is in complete contro...

  • The Bread of Life

    Raymond Mooi references the book of Luke to explain the significance of the last Passover, conducted by Jesus. When we break bread together, we proclaim the death of Jesus and the sacrifice he made for us. “The Last Adam” put an end to the penalty of death from sin and created a new covenant betw...

  • NEW Testament Church NORM – Part 1

    Raymond Mooi takes us back to when the Church of Jesus Christ was first formed. The scripture is God’s commandment to us and it must be obeyed. God wants us to build our faith upon the solid rock of His word. The fellowship of the body of the church must be nurtured, as it is the connection that ...

  • NEW Testament Church NORM – Part 2

    Are you using what God has given to you? Raymond Mooi reminds us that God’s will flows through the body of the church. We are called to be servants in the spirit of Christ and bring joy and love to people. Everything that God gives you is not to be hoarded or collected. Do not waste the work that...

  • NEW Testament Church NORM – Part 3

    Raymond Mooi breaks down the importance of Holy Communion. Our Lord Jesus Christ instituted the breaking of bread and taking of the cup. It has to be done with the revelation that the Holy Spirit has enlightened us to realize that this is not a suggestion, but it is a command of God. It has to be...

  • NEW Testament Church NORM – Part 4

    A praying church is a growing church! Raymond Mooi imparts upon the people of God, that make up the Church of Jesus Christ, the need to understand the truth of prayer. It is communication with God, founded upon a relationship with Him, that is based upon the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. B...

  • Earthquake, Wind and Fire

    Raymond Mooi uses the example in 1 Kings 19:11-12, to remind us that God is in everything. The earthquake, wind and fire that Elijah experienced took place, because God was showing Elijah that He is not limited. God began to deal with Elijah and move him forward with a still, small voice. We can ...

  • Naturally Supernatural

    Slip into the supernatural realm of God! Raymond Mooi uses the Gospel of Jesus Christ to explain the importance of being baptized in the Holy Spirit, so that we can come into the dimension of the supernatural. As a result, the works that we do will go past the realm of the natural and breakthroug...

  • The Five Ps of Pentecost

    Raymond Mooi relays the message of Pentecost: The Promise of the Father, given to the People of God, that we may receive the Person of the Holy Spirit, so that we will be endued with Power from on high, for the Purpose that we will be witnesses for Jesus Christ.

  • Empowered for Boldness

    You are called to be an effective witness for Jesus! Raymond Mooi explains how the power of the Holy Spirit within you, creates the boldness you need to break down the lines of resistance, break through walls of defenses and tear down strongholds. God gives us the victory through the Holy Spirit.

  • The Three Baptisms

    In this message, Raymond Mooi discusses the final message of Jesus Christ to His disciples. The arrival of the Holy Spirit. Raymond emphasizes the power and importance of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s life. How it grants the Christian divine guidance and discernment when reading his word.

  • Enemies of the Cross!

    Raymond Mooi teaches about the importance of taking up your cross to truly follow Jesus. He warns about the dangers of adapting the ways of this world into our walk with the Cross; How the Enemies of the Cross say the opposite of what the message of the Cross tells us. Learn to tell the differenc...

  • A Relationship God's Way

    God will never abandon us! Raymond Mooi emphasizes never losing the presence of God and never breaking-off the fellowship that is meant to be continuous for all of eternity. When relationships are according to God's pattern, they are vibrant, alive, holy and perfect.

  • Love Not the World

    In these troubled times, Raymond Mooi encourages us to focus on the joy and comfort that is God’s love. His glory causes the glitter and temptations of this world to become pale and diminished. We must come to a place where the world is behind us and the cross is before us.

  • Experience the Presence of God

    Raymond Mooi wants you to fellowship with God and feel the manifested presence of God. Whenever we want to draw close to Him, He will draw close to us. We will always be able to experience Him and His communion with us. You can experience His presence every day!

  • God Is in Control

    This Easter message from Pastor Raymond Mooi presents the truth that God is in control. He holds tomorrow...when the need comes, the provision and miracles follow.

  • This Is the Time to Be Free

    Rev. Raymond Mooi shares an encouraging message during these trying times. While we are all staying at home, take this time to get closer to God and allow the Holy Spirit to enter your heart. God wants us to come out of this season stronger, wiser and spiritually deeper!

  • In the Height of My Anxiety You Brought Me Joy

    During the time of Jeremiah the Prophet … and the temple burned down. People are scattered. Could not go into the house of the Lord. They cried out! Psalm 94: 3 “How long?” In this time of crisis … it is the time to open our ears and hear from God. Vs 19 “In the multitude of my anxieties y...

  • Speak the Word from Your Heart

    Pastor Raymond Mooi speaks on hypocrisy in the church of old and today. We must speak the Word from the heart!

  • God Will Raise a People

    Rev. Raymond Mooi, a graduate of Morris Cerullo's School of Ministry, shares how God is the One who will raise an end-time people! An anointed message from the 49th Annual World Conference, Rev. Mooi shares his testimony of how God used his life to minister in Southeast Asia, bringing the Gospel ...

  • Age Is No Barrier

    Pastor Raymond Mooi, one of the youngest graduates, with a servant and obedient attitude in the School of Ministry, is a living proof that age will never stop you from fulfilling God's purpose. Watch a masterpiece of true and fruitful faith in God.

  • Do the Impossible

    International Evangelist, Raymond Mooi, is President of the School of Acts, Life College, and Senior Pastor of HIS Church in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. From his "Faith for Miracles" series on GOOD TV, he teaches us how to see the invisible power of God, which are miracles that are impossible for man...