Sergio De La Mora

Sergio De La Mora

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Sergio De La Mora
  • The New Spiritual Demand on MCWE

    Sergio De La Mora, pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Diego, reveals to the employees of MCWE that the dimension of God's presence has increased in San Diego, as a result of the bold step of faith the Legacy Center has taken. A new dimension of God will always require a new response from His peo...

  • Take Nothing with You

    Pastor Sergio De La Mora speaks at the 49th Annual World Conference about the centrality of Christ. Speaking from Mark 6 where Jesus sent out the twelve, how they were instructed to take nothing except a staff, but managed to walk out in the power of God. A powerful message to start the year 2020!

  • Reclaiming Your Land

    Pastor Sergio De La Mora encourages the staff at MCWE to stay strong and embrace the new spiritual era that the Legacy Center is going to bring to San Diego. He reminds them that they are participating in the advancement of the Kingdom of God and reclaiming the land for the next generation.

  • Breaking Out of Common

    Pastor Sergio De La Mora challenges us to break out of mentality to be common and be the people that God calls us be. Sharing the story of how his church has started a prison ministry in Tijuana, Pastor Sergio demonstrates that it is more than possible with God to have impact in the world today.

  • Greater Things

    Pastor Sergio De La Mora of Cornerstone Church of San Diego shares important principles for how the church can prepare for greater things at the World Conference 2017 in Dallas, Texas.

  • Sergio De La Mora Legacy Interview

    Sergio De La Mora shares how he met Morris Cerullo in San Diego. He describes Morris Cerullo’s ministry and his love for Nationals. How he will go into areas others will not. His love for the miraculous. How Morris Cerullo desires more people to demonstrate the miracle working power of God an...