• The Spirit of Lies, Deception and Delusion

    Marc Masson teaches that the prince of lies, deception and delusion, has been released on earth. As Christians, we need to be a people of intimacy with God, a people of the Word and obey God 100%. When you walk in the spirit and in the truth, there is no defeat!

  • A Net Breaking Anointing

    I release a prophetic RIGHT NOW word for this season. Jesus is giving me anointed messages that are changing lives, and these messages carry an anointing that is imparted into your life. I give you scripture after scripture to show you that you will receive a Net Breaking Anointing, just like the...

  • Where Is the Lord God of Morris Cerullo?

    Many times, Dr. Morris Cerullo declared, “Power doesn’t travel through words, power travels through relationship!” Listen now as 33-year vice president, associate minister and friend of Dr Morris Cerullo, Rev. Greg Mauro, delivers this stirring tribute impartation message, releasing the 10 greate...

  • Marc Masson

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  • Fernando Garay

    11 videos

    Apostle Fernando Garay is the founder of Fernando Garay Ministries. Dr. Garay’s anointed ministry is international, as well as national, and he travels all over the world (36 nations) preaching, teaching and manifesting the works of God. In addition, he travels to the nations and ministers with h...

  • Greg Mauro

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  • Esther - The Orphan God Chose

    Apostle Mike EfeZino ministers from the book of Esther. God sees a way ahead and arranges deliverance!

  • Mike EfeZino

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  • Christian Harfouche

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  • Kenneth Copeland

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  • Tommy Barnett

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  • Vernon Fernandes

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  • Hernan Castano

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  • Robert Stearns

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  • The Five Gifts

    Listen to the testimony of Apostle Josephat Mwingira and how God used his life to reach his nation of Tanzania for Christ. Giving Apostle Mwingira five gifts that he should exercise, his ministry is not only local but has spread internationally, allowing him to preach the gospel in other countrie...

  • Prophesy of Change

    Cindy Jacobs, founder and president of Generals International, prophesies at the Morris Cerullo World Conference 2017 in Dallas Texas. As an itinerary speaker, Ms. Jacobs specializes in the gift of prophecy and shares a personal word of God about the number 17 in this message, revealing exciting ...

  • Get Me to Jesus

    John Gray, associate Pastor at Lakewood Church, preaches about the blood of Jesus Christ. Talking about the dangers of religion and denominationalism, Pastor Gray re-emphasizes the name of Jesus and how it is only in Him that the church walks in purity and power!

  • Paula White-Cain

    4 videos

  • The Miracle of Faith

    Pastor Troy Singleterry emboldens the staff of MCWE with powerful scripture from Mark chapter 5. He tells the story about a woman who suffered from constant bleeding. When she reached out and touched the robe of Jesus, she was instantly healed through the miracle of faith.

  • The Nine Times Jesus Shed His Blood for Us

    Pastor Maria EfeZino shares a message on nine ways in which Jesus shed his blood and what each way redeemed us from.

  • John Francis

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  • Marcus Lamb

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  • Selective Memory (Bye Felicia)

    Bishop Marvin Sapp sings “Praise Him in Advance” & “The Best in Me.” He encourages you to find your way into the things that God would have for you. God is going to move you from your current position, but you have to cooperate with Him, in order to receive the success He has planned for you. Get...

  • Miles McPherson

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