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Steve Munsey

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Steve Munsey
  • Atonement Breakthrough! - Steve Munsey

    Steve Munsey released an amazing, prophetic Word for this Day of Atonement coming on September 16. This is God’s time to restore all you have lost from the pestilence of Covid-19 … and bring you into a NEW SEASON of supernatural abundance! SOW your best Atonement offering to the Lord today! Call ...

  • The Great Woman of the Bible

    Pastor Steve Munsey tells the story of the only woman in the Bible that God called "Great Woman." He reaffirms that God has given every person the gift of faith and discusses the key to the power of greatness.

  • Blessings of the Prophet

    Pastor Steve Munsey goes through the story of King Jehoshaphat at the 49th Annual World Conference. Expounding on the role of the prophets in the Old Testament, Pastor Munsey shares the importance of people to meet with the prophets of God and the powerful anointing that comes from being blessed ...

  • You Have the Power to Constrain

    When Jesus healed Bartimaeus of his blindness, it was because by faith Bartimaeus already believed that his blindness would be cured. Through the power of his faith in Christ, Bartimaeus and his father were both healed. Dr. Steve Munsey uses this story to teach that in order to obtain blessings a...

  • The Year of Faith

    Steve Munsey teaches us that the number 19 means faith and hearing. When we hear God accurately, we talk the language of faith. We have been justified by faith and by the blood of Jesus Christ. Speak to your future and your future will come back to you!

  • Forgiveness and Faith

    Steve Munsey, at the 2018 Labor Day School of Ministry, delivers a message from the book of Luke. The level of your faith is at the level of your forgiveness. Your faith will make you whole!

  • Coming to Christ

    Pastor Steve Munsey of Family Christian Center, shares the story of the crippled woman who is healed after 18 years of affliction. Feeling stuck? Hear this powerful message of healing, restoration and transformation for the year 2018!

  • Signs in the Heavens

    Steve Munsey of the Family Christian Center in Indiana, declares that there is a divine move of God on the earth at the Worldwide School of Ministry 2017. In his message, Pastor Munsey reveals how God uses heavenly signs to reveal what He is doing upon the earth so that the church may understand ...

  • Double-Double Atmosphere

    Pastor Steve Munsey preaches from the book of Leviticus, where he expounds upon jubilee and the implications it has upon the life of the believer. Learn about the people of Issachar and how God uses such men and women to reveal to the people what the times are. Know that now is the time of jubile...

  • God's Dispatch

    Pastor Steve Munsey of Christian Center in Munster Indiana, preaches from the book of Matthew on how God will dispatch angels to change your circumstances.

  • Entering into Jubilee

    Steve Munsey talks about the blessings of Jubilee, and how God wants to take the church to a new dimension of operation! Watch as he shares the important truths of Jubilee and what it means for the believer.

  • Steve Munsey Legacy Interview

    Steve Munsey shares how he met Morris Cerullo and how his life has impacted him. He tells the story about Morris Cerullo’s kidnapping in Mexico during a crusade… and the experience of an angel that caused his release. How his ministry is like the Apostle Paul. Explains how God has a way to rai...