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  • A True Son - Apostle Josephat Mwingira

    Apostle and Prophet Josephat Mwingira from Efatha Ministry in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, recalls seeing Morris Cerullo minister for the first time in 1995.

  • Legacy of Nations Testimonials

    Morris Cerullo has passed on the anointing over his life to millions of Nationals worldwide. Listen to some of their testimonies, as they describe the impact Morris had on them and their countries.

  • Rony Chaves Testimony

    Apóstol Rony Chaves tells the story of attending a 1983 Morris Cerullo School of Ministry in Costa Rica. He fell under the power of the anointing of the Holy Spirit and witnessed miracle after miracle. In 1988, during the All Central America Congress of Evangelism, Dr. Cerullo turned over a meeti...

  • Clementine Dackam Testimony

    Dr. Clementine Dackam discusses how Morris Cerullo’s teaching, “How to Win the Battle for Your Mind,” impacted and changed her life forever.

  • Proof Producer Walter Zygarewicz

    Walter Zygarewicz describes how Morris Cerullo has impacted his life and ministry.

  • Wayne Haywood Testimony

    Dr. Wayne Haywood recounts his experience at a Morris Cerullo Crusade in Trinidad & Tobago in 1985. He then went on to attend a School of Ministry and spread the anointing he received throughout his nation.

  • Kings and Priests (Reyes y Sacerdotes)

    MCWE’s Associate Pastor Oscar Venegas delivers a powerful Word from God. El pastor asociado de MCWE, Oscar Venegas, entrega una Palabra de Dios poderosa.

  • Tony Mulia Testimony

    Tony Mulia had a slow-moving business, so he turned to worshipping charms. The success he thought he had from his pyramid worship turned, as people started accusing him of cheating. His Christian wife prayed for him he was led to a meeting of believers, where he gave his life to Christ. After att...

  • Vicente Mora Testimony

    Vicente Mora delivers a passionate testimony describing the desperate conditions in Venezuela, where thousands are fleeing the social and economic repercussions of a sadistic Communist regime. Dr. Cerullo's powerful impartation provides the spiritual tools to confront the enemy with the yoke-brea...

  • Awakened from an Eight-day Coma

    Mr. Agbagba, a National from Germany, testifies to the miracle healing of his wife, who ended up in a coma due to complications during labor.

  • Faith Healing

    Louise Henry, a National from Jacksonville, FL, explains what it truly means to have faith.

  • Give Jesus the Praise

    Dr. Morris Cerullo conducts a Healing Miracle Service at the Mission to London Conference back in 1992. The deaf hear and the blind see!

  • God Did It

    Dr. Morris Cerullo receives miracle healing testimonies on stage and prays for people, through the power of Jesus Christ.

  • Titilayo Udo-Affia Testimony

    Listen to a pastor from Nigeria give her account of being miraculously healed, after being slain in the Spirit, at the 2019 Morris Cerullo Worldwide School of Ministry in Orlando, FL.

  • B J Campbell Testimony

    B J Campbell had become dependent on pain medication and alcohol, to cope with arthritis. Today, she is a testimony of God's grace.

  • Sandra Taylor Testimony

    Sandra's marriage was falling apart and she was ready to divorce her husband. She found Help Line and Sweet Dreams online. They prayed together and now they have a happy marriage.

  • Delayna Beane Testimony

    Delayna lost her 17 year-old son and got so depressed, she stopped eating and lost too much weight. After calling the Help Line, she got up off the couch and realized God and prayer is all she needs to move forward.

  • Barbara Walker Testimony

    Barbara was diagnosed with eye retina disease and was told she couldn't drive. After calling the Help Line, she can now see well enough to drive.

  • Rose Myers Testimony

    Rose's son had a heart attack and she immediately called the Help Line. He made it through surgery and has made a remarkable recovery.

  • Colleen Bell Testimony

    Colleen had multiple hip surgeries in the past and was told she needed another one. After calling the Help Line, she has no problems at all with her hips.

  • James Agosto Testimony

    James Agosto was a gang member, who was in and out of jail. After his mother died, God came to him and told him to change. Now he ministers to the gang members in his neighborhood.

  • Hene Saidel Testimony

    Hene Saidel prayed about her cancer and the lump was removed.

  • Rose Daniels Testimony

    A mother's prayer is answered, when her daughter is delivered and saved from a life of drugs. The daughter then takes her faith back to the same streets, where she used to get high.

  • Jaynce Hogate Testimony

    A mother calls the Help Line for her daughter's mental health.