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  • Mary Ford Testimony

    Mary Ford receives a letter stating that her house is paid in full, after calling the Help Line.

  • Illia Derengalagi Testimony

    Illia Derengalagi was a soldier in Afghanistan, when he stepped on a land mine and lost both of his legs. His wife prayed when she found out and Illia made a remarkably quick recovery.

  • Timothy Miller Testimony

    Timothy Miller's back is healed from a body-crushing car wreck.

  • Mildred Weaver Testimony

    Mildred Weaver was told that her son would not live past the age of five. She brought him to a Morris Cerullo Crusade, where he received a healing miracle.

  • Michael Sarmiento Testimony

    Michael Sarmiento was thrown from a car and thought to be dead, but he is alive today, thanks to God.

  • Patricia Curtis Testimony

    Patricia Curtis gets her answer to prayer just in time.

  • Brenda Thomas Testimony

    Brenda Thomas called the Help Line to pray for her mother, but God was there for Brenda.

  • Marilyn Birung Testimony

    Marilyn Birung calls the Help Line to pray for an affordable house.

  • Cynthia Taulo Testimony

    Cynthia Taulo's newborn girl was diagnosed with an unknown illness. After she called the Help Line, her daughter gained her strength back and was able to leave the hospital.