Tommy Barnett

Tommy Barnett

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Tommy Barnett
  • Dream Larger than Your Life

    Tommy Barnett, Pastor of Dream City Church, challenges the audience at the 50th Annual Morris Cerullo World Conference, to live a life of legacy and dream bigger than themselves. We are called by God to be humble and to live our lives by His Word, which is the one truth that will never pass away....

  • Make Every Day a Masterpiece

    Tommy Barnett honors Morris Cerullo as a man of vision and dreams, at the 2020 Morris Cerullo Virtual School of Ministry. Reach the dream that God has put in your heart!

  • Surprise Me Lord

    Pastor Tommy Barnett at the 49th Annual World Conference talks about how God knows best. Although Christians may think they know what is the best thing they could have, the reality is that God, who knows all things, is the only one that really knows the best for our lives.

  • Grace Along the Way

    Tommy Barnett gives us insight into God's grace. We need to move and take the first step, so that He will move. What might happen if God was in it and showed up? The minute our faith kicks in, so does His grace and mercy!

  • Just Like We Are

    Tommy Barnett, at the 2018 Labor Day School of Ministry, encourages us not to give up on ourselves, just because a mistake was made. Even the great men of God in the Bible got discouraged and were not perfect, but they didn't give up!

  • Stewards for Christ

    Pastor Tommy Barnett, Senior Pastor of Dream City Church, shares three points on how we become stewards for Christ. An important message on how God uses the church, Pastor Barnett challenges believers to following a God who invites us to not be safe but to do good.

  • The Everyday Men and Women

    Pastor Tommy Barnett, from the LA Dream Center, joins us in this special fresh anointing message! Hear his prevailing testimony on God and how anyone regardless of fame, wealth or poverty you can become a servant of God for generations to come! Be a part of the new revival on a nation and set the...